We all have connections. But aviators have a special connection with the sky, with modern chariots that fly and with pilots that share the delight in traveling through the heavens.  To help pilots expand on those connections, we’ve assembled a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience . Connecting Aviators® officially launched development operations in January 2020.

Pilots now have the opportunity to find, connect and share their passion for flying with fellow aviators through Connecting Aviators®, the app with exclusive Interactive Aviator Software features. The app is now available for free through the Apple App Store on iPhone and iPad.

The app is ideal for general aviation pilots and particularly those interested in aircraft co-ownerships or flying clubs, which can lower flying and aircraft acquisition costs by 50-75%.  A pilot’s best aviation partnership may be just asecond-degree connection away on Connecting Aviators.

“Finding the best pilots for an aircraft co-ownership can be time consuming and expensive, but it should not be that way. We’re building a free national listing of aircraft co-ownerships by airport that will help many pilots lower their participation costs in general aviation,” said CEO & Founder Jeffrey S. Brewer.

Key Features:

  • It’s the only app with pilot profiles unique to general aviation. Pilots can display their aviation achievements and see other pilots’ profiles and ratings. Aviation information important to pilots is easily organized all in one app.
  • The exclusive map view organizes info by airports – member pilots, aircraft co-ownerships, flying clubs and aviation events.
  • It’s free & easy to post an aircraft co-ownership in one of three categories: pilots seeking to join, pilots starting a co-ownership or existing co-ownership openings.
  • Learn where people are flying this week. iSorties™ makes it simple to find fly-ins, educational seminars or aviation events. Pilots can schedule an event with their connections and receive real-time notifications on who will attend.
  • Connecting Aviators offers pilots a secure community in contrast to public social platforms, which most pilots know can be problematic. True user identity is a member user requirement.

Connecting Aviators also offers a monthly subscription with enhanced features. To learn more, visit connectingaviators.com.

About Connecting Aviators

In 2013, ideation for Connecting Aviators started and emerged through wikiWings research and several product iterations. In 2020, the company made a commitment to scale around a single idea – Interactive Aviator Software with exclusive features that allow pilots to find, connect and share their passion for flying with fellow aviators. Connecting Aviators is the Vision. Connecting Aviators was founded by Jeffrey S. Brewer, CPA, PPL. He’s instrument rated with over 2,000 hours flight time and more than 20 years of general aviation experience.

Information on this site is wikiWing’s opinion.  If you need flight training, legal, financial or tax advice seek help from a professional specializing in that area.

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