Cirrus announced the G2+ Vision Jet

“The Next Evolution is Here. The Cirrus Aircraft story is one of enthusiastic and relentless innovation.” This week they announced the G2+ Vision Jet offering: optimized take-off thrust, inflight WiFi, and new bold colors.

“The Williams Fj33-5A engine has been finely tuned with a newly optimized thrust profile that provides up to 20% increased performance during take-off, [which] provides access to additional airports at popular destinations across the globe.”

A connected cabin experience throughout the flight levels is available for the first time on the G2+ Vision Jet. “Gogo InFlight WiFi brings added convenience and productivity, enabling real-time communication with teams and customers on the ground to keep commerce moving at jet speed.”

New bold color additions, like Titan Grey, Volt and Bimini Blue, join updated design lines that accentuate the distinctive curve of the Vision Jet.

Keep on climbing.

Connecting Aviators Phase 2 design work has been completed

Connecting Aviators® Phase 2 UI/UX design work has been completed and turned over to the Development Team for programing. Phase 2 will add several significant new features to help pilots lower their flying costs.

For example, pilots will be able to find and post information about aircraft co-ownerships for free. Connecting Aviators® will organize co-ownership opportunities nationally by airport into three categories: 

Three Aircraft Co-Ownership Designations:

  1. Pilots seeking to Join a co-ownership
  2. Pilots starting a new co-ownership
  3. Pilots with an existing co-ownership that want add a pilot.

Participation in General Aviation can be expensive. But studies have shown the cost of airplane acquisition and flying can be reduced 50% to 75% through co-ownership which allows for the sharing of fixed expenses, such as, hangar, insurance, subscriptions, maintenance and capital acquisition costs. We’ve learned finding the right pilots to form a partnership can be time consuming and expensive. But it should not be that way.

Reserve your free listing today. Simply, join Connecting Aviators for free and let us know you’re interested in shared aircraft ownership. Connecting Aviators® is available for free to download on iPhone and iPad (only in U.S.A.).

Designed by pilots to connect with pilots™.   

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Happy Independence Day 2021

Happy July 4th 1776!

As we celebrate our nation’s two hundred forty-five years of freedom we honor those dedicated to its preservation. With respect and gratitude we thank the men and women of our armed forces, law enforcement, Homeland security, fire and rescue and many others that give us the land of the free because they are brave.

We hope that you have an enjoyable and safe July 4th weekend. God bless The United States of America.