Because There is Flying, and Then There is Cirrus Flying

“You’re one of the select few. You’re one of the few people on this planet who can command an airplane and enjoy the uniquely spectacular sights and experiences that come with it. The sense of personal accomplishment of flying an airplane is without description. And when you fly a Cirrus you are at the controls of an aircraft that has been designed to maximize the flying experience by reducing pilot workload, increasing comfort and building confidence. In a Cirrus, pilot, plane and environment are perfectly integrated in harmony to both simplify and maximize the pleasure of the journey.

The Cirrus Life. It’s about a flying experience that makes one of the coolest things on earth . . . even cooler.”

Reference: Cirrus Aircraft Corporation, The Cirrus Life™ marketing brochure, p.8, 2017.

The Cirrus Life

It’s a phrase that has meaning – Welcome to The Cirrus Life.

Proclaimed by Flying Magazine as –

“the most sophisticated single-engine civilian airplane ever . . .”

Cirrus Aircraft reflects the height of innovation, safety and comfort. This is a profoundly compelling reason to consider owning a Cirrus. But this is just one of the many reasons.

Others can be summed up by what we call The Cirrus Life™. It’s a lifestyle played out in high-definition with the broadest possible scope. It’s measured in moments that enhance your business side and enrich the personal. And it is only possible when you fly to your new destinations in the luxury, comfort, safety, and style of a Cirrus.

Take a journey with us and take your first step toward your own unique version of The Cirrus Life today.”

Reference: Cirrus Aircraft Corporation, The Cirrus Life™ marketing brochure, p.2, 2017.

Happy Independence Day! 2019

Happy July 4th 1776!

As we celebrate our nation’s two hundred forty-three years of freedom we honor those dedicated to its preservation. With respect and gratitude we thank the men and women of our armed forces, law enforcement, Homeland security, fire and rescue and many others that give us the land of the free because they are brave.

We hope that you have an enjoyable and safe July 4th week. God bless The United States of America.