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General Aviation aircraft are certified and regulated by the United States of America Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and equivalent governmental agencies worldwide. Aircraft should always be operated in accordance with the Approved Flight Manual, Pilot Operating Handbook (POH), and governmental regulations. The operation and/or modification of aircraft, except as specifically allowed by these agencies or manufacturers instructions, are not advised and may potentially be in violation of law.

wikiWings does not recommend operating or altering aircraft in any way which deviates from government agency regulations, manufacturers instruction, or which could impair safety of flight or professional pilot judgment. It is essential that you seek approval from the manufacturer, certifying body, Airframe & Powerplant mechanic (A&P), Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), or other appropriate resource before basing any action on content contain on the wikiWings website.

The Pilot in Command is always ultimately responsible for the safe operation of any aircraft.

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