Limitations, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

Limitations: Ownership costs in this series are based on experience with one SR22 airplane, during two years of operation, and about five hundred (500) hours of Hobbs time (since October 2013). We take our SR22 to Cirrus authorized service centers for maintenance; therefore, expenses quoted are from authorized service center Work Orders. Continue reading “Limitations, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22”

Lexicon for Cirrus SF50 Jet

Cirrus Vision SF50 Personal Jet, Fort Worth, TX Trade Show
Cirrus Aircraft Vision SF50 Personal Jet, Fort Worth, TX Trade Show, photo by wikiWings® 2013

What is the origin for the name Vision “SF50” Personal Jet by Cirrus Aircraft? An anonymous source, who worked at Cirrus Aircraft said – “The first name seriously contemplated for the plane was the SJ50, which stood for Single Jet 5 seats.”  This first proposed name followed after the Klapmeier’s work on the VK30 and ST50 planes. The ST50 stood for “Single Turbine 5 seats;” hence, the SJ50.

But at that time, Sino Sweringen was building their fast high flying “SJ30” jet, and it was argued that Cirrus using the name “SJ50” was not cool.  So, Cirrus decision makers agreed and the name SF50 “Single Fan 5 Seat” Personal Jet was born.

Cirrus claims the Vision SF50 Personal Jet will revolutionize personal and regional business travel. It’s the only single engine certified jet on the market. And, it’s designed to be flown by the owner.

Three certification aircraft, built on production equipment, are completing FAA test flights. Right now, the first customer “Personal Jet” is rolling down the manufacturing line in Duluth, MN. Delivery is set for the end of this year.
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