Limitations, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

Limitations: Ownership costs in this series are based on experience with one SR22 airplane, during two years of operation, and about five hundred (500) hours of Hobbs time (since October 2013). We take our SR22 to Cirrus authorized service centers for maintenance; therefore, expenses quoted are from authorized service center Work Orders.

The aircraft is maintained under FAA Part 91, for non-commercial use. We seek to apply modern data driven Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) practices.

Maintenance cost savings or Do It Yourself (DIY) activities are not the aim of this series. FAA authorized owner-performed work and maintenance savings are good topics but it’s not the content target here. When appropriate I’ll mention opportunities or reference sources such as, Roger Whittier (A&P), Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association Vice President & Technical Liaison or Mike Busch, Founder of Savvy Aviator.

Our co-owned SR22 is flown on local trips in Texas and for personal transportation cross-country. Mission ready reliability is a valued aspect in our maintenance decisions. The plane is flown year-round, and does not sit unused for extended periods.

Your cost experience may vary.

Qualifications: The author is an entrepreneur and licensed general aviation pilot with an instrument rating and more than 1400 hours flight time. He has flown and owned a number of general aviation aircraft over the past 20 years. He has business graduate and masters degrees, and has obtained the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license.

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