Reason 14 – Turbocharged Cirrus

It’s a myth – you only need a turbo for long cross-country flights. Several years ago, when I was looking at pre-owned Cirrus aircraft a broker asked me about my typical flight mission.    My usual cross-country flights were about 500 nautical miles between Houston Texas and Birmingham Alabama or similar distances to the beach in the panhandle of Florida. The broker said, “a 500 nm trip is just on the cusp of needing a turbocharged Cirrus” and added, “do the math.” Really – Continue reading “Reason 14 – Turbocharged Cirrus”

Reason 13 – Turbocharged Cirrus

It’s a myth – “Turbos are only for the mountains.” It’s typically heard from pilots that fly normally aspirated engines because they’re focused on single-digit cruise altitudes; or from pilots experienced with old turbocharged designs which ran hot, added workload and were expensive to maintain.

When I began looking at pre-owned planes my focus was on normally aspirated models because pilots were not talking about the benefits of turbocharged Cirrus aircraft.

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