Reason 12 – Turbocharged Cirrus

The turbocharged Cirrus delivers a triple threat to the competition.  It reduces pilot workload, adds a substantial performance increase, while boosting economy cruise.

Power management is almost single-lever because the engine throttle and propeller governor are combined into one control lever movement with the Cirrus SMART feature. And, regardless of your departure airport being at sea level or in the mountains, the mixture lever is set to full rich for take-off and climb with no interim adjustments until you reach cruise. Continue reading “Reason 12 – Turbocharged Cirrus”

Reason 11 – Turbocharged Cirrus

For comfortable cross-country advanced performance personal transportation the Turbocharged Cirrus SR22TN easily beats commercial airlines on a 500 nautical mile flight. “. . . It is a transformational experience that offers freedom, convenience, and luxury car comfort that surpass many commercial aircraft flown today.”

“How many times have you said, “There has got to be a better way?” The aggravations, inconveniences, expense and inefficiencies of commercial air travel are almost cliche’. And the entire experience keeps getting worse (The Cirrus Life brochure ).”

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Reason 9 – Turbocharged Cirrus

A Cirrus SR22TN Turbonormalized aircraft has better altitude utility than the normally aspirated SR22.  The turbocharged Cirrus can access flight levels from 10K to 17.5K almost twice as fast as the normally aspirated Cirrus, and once there, the turbo delivers better performance than the normally aspirated engine.

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