Sweet Spots for Cirrus SR22 Aircraft

I’m writing to the pilot that’s considering the transition from flying aluminum into advanced performance composite aircraft and in particular Cirrus Aircraft. In this series of blogs, I’ve worked to answer some of the questions that I encountered during the pre-buy, purchase process, and early ownership.

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How much does a Turbo Cirrus SR22T-G5 cost?

This past month, there were four Turbo Cirrus SR22T-G5 listed on Controller for sale in the United States. Expect an asking price of $729,000 for a low-time turbocharged G5 with air-conditioning (see appendix for details).

The pre-owned G5 turbos carry a significant premium, of about $129,000 over their normally aspirated G5 brethren (see last week’s post on non-turbo Cirrus SR22-G5). Continue reading “How much does a Turbo Cirrus SR22T-G5 cost?”