Five Budgets for Pre-Owned Cirrus SR22 Aircraft

Why is it beneficial to organize pre-owned Cirrus Aircraft into five budget categories? Because it provides a framework to compare available quantity and asking prices among planes manufactured with similar design features.

Five Acquisition Budgets for Pre-Owned Cirrus SR22 Aircraft

  • SR22 pre-G2
  • SR22-G2
  • SR22-G3 Avidyne
  • SR22-G3 Perspective
  • SR22-G5


Demand is up. The economy is improving, GA sales are increasing, and more pilots are wanting to fly in Cirrus Aircraft. Flying clubs, partnerships and businesses are acquiring Cirrus planes. Both Mark Rogers with Lone Mountain Aircraft and Steve Schwartz with TAS Aircraft Sales say this year has been a record for pre-owned Cirrus sales.

In the fall of 2014, about 170 Cirrus Aircraft were listed on Controller. But availability was much less after subtracting foreign sales, fractional partnerships, and SR20’s, which resulted in a supply of SR22’s for this survey of only 112 airplanes.  And, in several sub-categories the supply is even more limited. For example, the Perspective by

Cirrus SR22TN-G3 Perspective by Garmin Flight Deck, photo by wikiWings
Cirrus SR22TN-G3 Perspective by Garmin Flight Deck, photo by wikiWings

Garmin flight deck, which was introduced in 2008, is a coveted year for buyers. But there were only about 90 non-turbo Perspective SR22’s manufactured that year and very few are on the market today.  You should expect sales to move quickly for this model year and asking prices to be stable. Prices for the almost identical plane in 2009 jump about $50,000.

You can better assess supply and demand, and it’s effect on your budget, if you understand initial production quantities by year (see previous wikiWings article “5 Categories: Pre-Owned Market Cirrus Aircraft”).

This fall available listings on Controller for Cirrus SR22’s decreased.  That trend will probably change as the holidays and winter approach.

Asking Prices

Over the past several months, I’ve used a simple survey methodology, based on asking prices and quantity information gathered from listings on Controller. Asking prices can be a starting point for your budget. They’re a “back-of-the-envelope” estimate.

You’ll probably negotiate some price concessions from the seller but after adding back acquisition costs, i.e. pre-buy inspection, legal fees, title, closing costs, aircraft repositioning, transition training, etc. you may be back to or above “asking price” as a total fly-out expense.

If you’re a serious buyer then use additional resources to complete your budget and purchase due diligence (See Guidance: Pre-Owned Market for Cirrus Aircraft for some helpful tips).

Aviation Discounts

Interested in discounts on your aviation flight expenses of up to 50% – 75%? Shared ownership can lower your aviation costs and allow you to chose a plane in a higher budget category. Consider the benefits of finding the right flying partnership.

Summary Table: Five Budget Categories for Pre-owned Cirrus Aircraft

The summary table below of available quantities and asking prices for Cirrus SR22’s are from Controller during the fall of 2014. Links to detailed articles for each aircraft category are included in the table.

Five Categories Blog Details Year Listings From To
1) SR22 Pre-G2 Pre-G2 01′-03′ 13 140K 179K
Centennial Centennial 03′ 2 176K 199K
2) SR22-G2
SR22-G2 GTS G2-GTS 04′-07′ 23 165K 259K
SR22-G2 non-GTS non-GTS 04′-07′ 18 189K 299K
3) SR22-G3 Avidyne
Turbo-Normalized SR22TN Turbo 07′-08′ 12 279K 339K
Non-Turbo Non-Turbo 07′-08′ 6 275K 330K
4) SR22-G3 Perspective
Turbo-Normalized SR22TN Turbo TN 08′-10′ 13 375K 575K
Turbocharged SR22T Turbocharged 10′-12′ 15 499K 608K
Non-Turbo Non-Turbo 08′-12′ 4 375K 485K
5) SR22-G5
Turbocharged SR22T Turbocharged 2013 3 729K 769K
Non-Turbo Non-Turbo 2013 3 599K 639K
Total 112

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