How much does a Turbo Cirrus SR22T-G5 cost?

This past month, there were four Turbo Cirrus SR22T-G5 listed on Controller for sale in the United States. Expect an asking price of $729,000 for a low-time turbocharged G5 with air-conditioning (see appendix for details).

The pre-owned G5 turbos carry a significant premium, of about $129,000 over their normally aspirated G5 brethren (see last week’s post on non-turbo Cirrus SR22-G5).

In 2013, Cirrus rolled-out the SR22-G5 complete with a 200 lb increase in useful load and a new maximum gross weight of 3,600 lbs. The G5 has five seats, with flexible 60/40 seating in back, and comes standard with the new Beringer AERO performance braking system and tubeless tires.

Teledyne Continental powers the SR22T with a TSIO-550-K 315 HP all factory turbocharged engine. Cirrus manufactured most of these planes with Flight Into Know Icing (FIKI) protection capability. All of these for sale had the FIKI System.

These planes are still close to factory fresh and may include warranties, such as, 2 year maintenance coverage and up to 3 year Spinner to Tail warranty.

This post concludes the Cirrus SR22 asking price reviews for 2014. Next week I’ll summarize “Five Budgets for Pre-Owned Cirrus SR22 Aircraft.

Controller Summary

Cirrus Turbo SR22T-G5, Asking prices

Year Serial# Tail # Price TTAF A/C TKS EVS/WX500 GTS Yaw
2013 529 N60JH 769,000 155 Y FIKI n/a GTS  n/a
2013 528 N702W 729,000 225 Y FIKI EVS GTS Y
2013 675 N804KC 764,900 360 Y FIKI WX500 GTS Y
2014 785 N727SH 774,900 80 Y FIKI EVS GTS Y

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