What equipment shipped on Cirrus SR22-G1 Segment 1

The first SR22-G1s shipped during the years 2001 – 2002 (Segment 1 serial numbers 002-141). These planes were delivered with a conventional six-pack of flight instruments and ARNAV multifunction display for navigation. Cirrus marketed these first SR22-G1s with three equipment configurations. Let’s look at the details: Continue reading “What equipment shipped on Cirrus SR22-G1 Segment 1”

How many Cirrus SR22-G1 airplanes shipped?

From 2001 to 2004, Cirrus shipped 818 first generation SR22 airplanes (serial numbers 002-819). During this period Cirrus avionics and options progressed. The SR22-G1 equipment progression can be grouped into three segments:

Three Serial Segments to SR22-G1 shipments
  • Segment 1: Serials 002-141; Six-Pack, ARNAV, Garmin radios, S-TEC auto pilot
  • Segment 2: Serials 142-434; Six-Pack, Avidyne MFD, Garmin radios, S-TEC auto pilot
  • Segment 3: Serials 435-819; Avidyne PFD MFD, Garmin, S-TEC and The Centennial Limited Edition (100 units)

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Cirrus SR22 Generation One (G1) Introduction

By the late 1990’s the Klapmeier brothers had moved away from constructing kit planes. They had a bigger vision that would change general aviation. In 1998 the FAA certified their first airplane – The Cirrus SR20.  Nine certified SR20’s were shipped in 1999 as reported by the General Aviation Management Association (GAMA). Two years later the SR22 was certified and GA would not be the same. Continue reading “Cirrus SR22 Generation One (G1) Introduction”

A quick reference list to Cirrus SR22 Generations manufactured

Here’s a quick reference list of Cirrus SR22 Generations that have been manufactured. If you’re interested in transitioning to Cirrus Aircraft this may be a good starting point for categorizing significant model changes important to you and establishing a budget. You’ll benefit from having a framework to compare aircraft if you’re in the market to buy.  Knowing the design changes and production quantities will help you better understand how supply and demand affects market prices.

Summary SR22 Generations and Units Shipped
SR22 Generations Years Avionics Units Shipped*
Generation 6 2017 Perspective  TBD
Generation 5 2013 – 2016 Perspective  1,073
Generation 3 2008 – 2012 Perspective  1,051
Generation 3 2007 – 2008 Avidyne  678
Generation 2 2004 – 2007 Avidyne  1,616
Generation 1 2001 – 2004 Avidyne**  818
Total SR22’s  5,194

*Estimated SR22 units shipped by Generation manufactured.
**Avidyne Avionics became the G1 and G2 standard but the first SR22 planes were shipped with six-pack flight instruments and ARNAV MFD units.
Note: Cirrus skipped the Generation 4 label and designated the 2013 SR22 models G5’s. Continue reading “A quick reference list to Cirrus SR22 Generations manufactured”