What equipment shipped on Cirrus SR22-G1 Segment 1

The first SR22-G1s shipped during the years 2001 – 2002 (Segment 1 serial numbers 002-141). These planes were delivered with a conventional six-pack of flight instruments and ARNAV multifunction display for navigation. Cirrus marketed these first SR22-G1s with three equipment configurations. Let’s look at the details:

SR22-G1 serial Segment 1 configuration options
  • A) Radio one Garmin 430 (non-WAAS), Radio two Garmin 250; S-TEC 30
  • B) Radio one Garmin 430 (non-WAAS), Radio two Garmin 420; S-TEC 30
  • C) Radio one Garmin 430 (non-WAAS), Radio two Garmin 430; S-TEC 55

In October 2017, Controller advertised two SR22-G1s that were from the serial Segment 1 shipments. One owner had removed the ARNAV and replaced it with an Avidyne MFD.  They also added other upgrades, including WAAS, C-Max Charts, JPI Engine Monitoring, S-TEC 55X autopilot (serial # 083). The second plane still had the ARNAV ICDS 2000 MFD. But the primary radio was upgraded to WAAS and the owner had installed a six point engine mount (serial # 101).

Bad vibes – some of the early SR22-G1s had vibration issues.  The first 319 airplanes had single pipe exhaust. For smoother operation dual exhaust was added to the engine beginning with serial number 320. Cirrus also determined the original four-point engine mount could be improved upon with a six-point mount. Factory installation of six-point mounts began within serial Segment 3 of SR22-G1s (serials 435-819).  Going forward, six-point mounts have been standard on all SR22 Generations along with dual exhaust.

Introduction of the SR22-G1 was a hit. Owners loved the plane even with a few early production issues. Here’s a quote from a pilot that transition from a Grumman Tiger into the Cirrus. “The plane is a dream to fly, after about 1,000 hours in a Tiger, this thing feels like a rocket.” And another pilot in 2001 said, “I love my SR22….. It’s great. I wouldn’t trade it for any other plane in its class.”

In general, Cirrus owners take very good care of their airplanes and are willing to invest in upgrades. Many SR22-G1s are better equipped today than when they left the factory.

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