What equipment shipped on Cirrus SR22-G1 Segment 2

During 2002, a second wave of Cirrus SR22-G1s were shipped which we’ve listed as Segment 2 serial numbers 142-434. These planes were delivered with conventional six-pack flight instruments, Garmin radios, S-TEC auto pilot and the Avidyne Multi-Function Display (MFD). Cirrus marketed these SR22-G1s with three equipment configurations (A. B & C). Let’s look at the details:

SR22-G1s serial Segment 2 configuration (A. B & C).
  • A) Radio one Garmin 430 (non-WAAS), Radio two Garmin 250; S-TEC 30
  • B) Radio one Garmin 430 (non-WAAS), Radio two Garmin 420; S-TEC 30
  • C) Radio one Garmin 430 (non-WAAS), Radio two Garmin 430; S-TEC 55

My information indicates the ARNAV navigation box was dropped in favor of the Avidyne MFD. With the new Avidyne box more software features could be offered:

  • WX500 Stormscope
  • EMAX Engine Monitor
  • Skywatch Traffic Information

Cirrus improved several engine features. A better starter system cranked out with serial number 278. And, dual exhaust for smoother operation became standard with serial number 320. The first 319 SR22’s airplanes had single pipe exhaust.

In late 2002, Cirrus released its first version of TKS protection for flight into inadvertent icing. I’ve posted several articles describing the basic features of the Cirrus TKS anti-icing systems. For details, click here Cirrus TKS inadvertent ice protection.

The power to connect. In late 2002, Bose headset LEMO jacks became a standard feature on all SR22’s. These single plug 6-pin jacks use the airplane electrical system to power Active Noise Reduction in the Bose headset instead of AA batteries.

What’s the lexicon of LEMO jacks?  It’s the name of a Swiss electronic manufacturer and has become a common term for push-pull connectors sold by the company.  “LEMO connectors are used in medical, industrial, audio/visual, telecommunications, military, scientific research and measurement applications.” The company itself is named after its founder and engineer Leon Mouttet.

At the time of this post there were no SR22-G1 serial Segment 2 airplanes listed for sale.

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