Because There is Flying, and Then There is Cirrus Flying

“You’re one of the select few. You’re one of the few people on this planet who can command an airplane and enjoy the uniquely spectacular sights and experiences that come with it. The sense of personal accomplishment of flying an airplane is without description. And when you fly a Cirrus you are at the controls of an aircraft that has been designed to maximize the flying experience by reducing pilot workload, increasing comfort and building confidence. In a Cirrus, pilot, plane and environment are perfectly integrated in harmony to both simplify and maximize the pleasure of the journey.

The Cirrus Life. It’s about a flying experience that makes one of the coolest things on earth . . . even cooler.”

Reference: Cirrus Aircraft Corporation, The Cirrus Life™ marketing brochure, p.8, 2017.

The Cirrus Life

It’s a phrase that has meaning – Welcome to The Cirrus Life.

Proclaimed by Flying Magazine as –

“the most sophisticated single-engine civilian airplane ever . . .”

Cirrus Aircraft reflects the height of innovation, safety and comfort. This is a profoundly compelling reason to consider owning a Cirrus. But this is just one of the many reasons.

Others can be summed up by what we call The Cirrus Life™. It’s a lifestyle played out in high-definition with the broadest possible scope. It’s measured in moments that enhance your business side and enrich the personal. And it is only possible when you fly to your new destinations in the luxury, comfort, safety, and style of a Cirrus.

Take a journey with us and take your first step toward your own unique version of The Cirrus Life today.”

Reference: Cirrus Aircraft Corporation, The Cirrus Life™ marketing brochure, p.2, 2017.

Wheels Up! 2019

Welcome! This is our sixth anniversary of general aviation writing at wikiWings®. During the year, we added articles covering a number of topics.  Here are the highlights:

We reviewed Cirrus Aircraft asking prices and the supply of pre-owed airplanes during the past year. From the G1 to G6 generation series of SR22’s we found these planes are holding their value. We’ve presented these numbers in the past and will continue to do so into the future as a free reference point. In 2019, Aerista and Lone Mountain Aircraft reported that it’s a seller’s market for Cirrus planes. Well, it is the most popular and best selling GA piston airplane.

We summarized a number of General Aviation factoids gleaned from the General Aviation Management Association (GAMA) report this past year.

How many pilots are there in General Aviation? We shared the summary statistics.

Vision jet deliveries continue. In 2019, the entire fleet was grounded for a potential flaw in the Angle of Attack indicator. As of this date, Cirrus has not released an official statement about the resolution to the problem. We asked – but Cirrus Service would not provide us with an update on the status of the fleet.

Many of the SF50 Personal Jets are back in the air. We’re seeing the Vision Jet on more GA ramps. A trend we expect will continue to grow into the future.

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What does SR stand for on Cirrus Aircraft?

What’s the lexicon for “SR” in the Cirrus Aircraft model name? The SR was chosen as an acronym for Single-engine Reciprocating piston airplane. In 1999, the first Cirrus certified airplane was the SR20 and the number 20 stands for the original 200 horse power Teledyne Continental Motor engine.

In 2001, the second certified Cirrus airplane was introduced as the SR22 and received a “22” designation because it was just the next model up in engine performance and capability.

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Cirrus Outsells the Competition – 2018

In 2018, Cirrus Aircraft sold 380 piston-engine planes.  That’s up 7% over last year. The annual GAMA report shows Cirrus won half of the traditional “four-seat” (4-adult) airplane sales. Cirrus by design, has successfully resegmented the piston-engine market and separated their airplanes from the competition. 

The Cirrus SR22 outsells Beachcraft Bonanza 21:1. The Cirrus SR series wins 3:1 over Piper Archer and Arrow sales, and 2:1 over Cessna Skyhawk and Skylane sales.

The Cirrus “SR-series of high-performance piston airplanes are the best-selling aircraft in the world for [16] consecutive years – with over 7,260 aircraft operating in over 60 countries.”

Congratulations to the entire Cirrus Aircraft team.

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The Klapmeier Brothers Barnstormed the General Aviation Piston Market to Become the Dominate Leaders

Back in 1999, the General Aviation piston-engine market was ready for innovation.  And, the Klapmeier brothers barnstormed the industry with it to become the dominate leaders.  Cirrus by design, has segmented a high-end niche market away from its competitors. The 2018 GAMA report makes it clear to see if you categorize piston-engine shipments.

In business parlance it’s called market segmentation. All piston sales are not the same. Piper sales do not compete with Light Sport Aircraft (LSA).  Cessna sales don’t compete with taildragger shipments. These are very different customer markets within piston-engine airplane sales. And, a feature doesn’t create market segmentation. Segmentation is not achieved with a claim to “the fastest piston engine plane.”

The 2018 GAMA report shows Cirrus Aircraft won half of the traditional “four-seat” airplane sales. Cirrus has successfully separated their airplanes from the competition.

2018 Piston Single-Engine Shipments

Cirrus SR22 & SR20             380 49%
Piper Archer & Arrrow             114 15%
Piper Malibu Mirage               20 3%
Cessna Skyhawk & Skylane             160 21%
Cessna Turbo Stationair               32 4%
Diamond DA40               45 6%
Beachcraft A/G36               15 2%
Mooney Ovation & Acclaim               14 2%
Sub Total             780 100%
Taildraggers               38      –   
LSA             103      –   
Other               33      –   
Total Single-Engine Piston Shipments             954      –   

Cirrus has defined new airspace for single-engine competition.  Again, this year, hundreds of people are willing to stand in line for a new Cirrus piston-engine airplane and pay $1.0 million dollars each. Why? Has the pursuit of relentless innovation delivered that much product differentiation for Cirrus customers?

In many ways, the piston-engine market is still ready for innovation.  Archaic components remain and need to be upgraded. The market could very well be successfully segmented again or new markets might emerge – how about Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. Who will be the next visionary to step forward?

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How many airplanes does Cirrus Aircraft sell per year – 2018?

In 2018, Cirrus Aircraft delivered 443 airplanes.  That’s an 18% increase over the previous year.  

Cirrus Design Corp. dba Cirrus Aircraft has been manufacturing planes since 1999. As of December 31, 2018 total customer shipments stand at 7,349. Details by the numbers are in the table below:

Total Cirrus Aircraft Shipments

YearSF50 JetSR22 TurboSR22SR20SRVTotal
2018           63                 180              135                65               –                443 
2017           22                 174              135                46               –                377 
2016              3                 149              133                35               –                320 
2015             –                   142              128                31               –                301 
2014             –                   160              117                31               –                308 
2013             –                   132              112                32               –                276 
2012             –                     88                81                84               –                253 
2011             –                   102              105                48               –                255 
2010             –                   107              115                42               –                264 
2009             –                   150                88                28               –                266 
2008             –                   250              177              115                7              549 
2007             –                   300              288              112              10              710 
2006             –                     30              535              150                6              721 
2005             –                       –                475              116                9              600 
2004             –                       –                459                91                3              553 
2003             –                       –                355              112                2              469 
2002             –                       –                292              105               –                397 
2001             –                       –                124                59               –                183 
2000             –                       –                    –                  95               –                  95 
1999             –                       –                    –                     9               –                     9 
Total           88             1,964          3,854          1,406              37          7,349 

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No more magnetos?

We really need electronic ignition for piston engine airplanes. Magnetos are an archaic mechanical device from a by-gone era. Magnetos drift and fail. The FAA knows this and requires mandatory 500 hour inspections and repairs.

At least two companies are working on electronic ignition replacements for piston engine airplanes: Surefly Electronic Ignition and Electroair Electronic Ignition Systems.

Surefly began operations in 2015 and have offices in Granbury Texas and Terre Haute Indiana. Their objective is an affordable drop-in solid state replacement magneto. As of January 2019, they have an engine STC but still need an airframe STC. The fly out price for their solution may be around $2,000.

Electroair is based in Howell Michigan and began operations in 1992. Several COPA members have installed Electroair’s electronic ignition system in their Cirrus airplanes. Fly out price is about $10,000.

Join Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association to see the complete member discussions of both products in the COPA online forum.

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What are the pre-owned asking prices for Generation 6 SR22T Turbo planes?

In 2017, Cirrus began shipping the Generation 6 SR22T turbo airplane.  We looked at preowned asking prices and here’s what we found.  Eight G6 turbo planes for sale in the United States.  All had air-conditioning.

Preowned asking prices for the SR22T G6 ranged from $835,000 – 880,000 with 540 or less total time on airframe.

Preowned asking prices G6 SR22T Turbo planes

20171485N596CA540 834,900 YesCarbonChattanoga, TN
20171547N63YB276 849,000 YesCarbonRaleigh, NC
20171481N991EW390 869,000 YesCarbonCollege Station, TX
20171530N895JJ400 879,000 YesCarbonHenderson, NV
20171490N213KS375 879,900 YesCarbonWhite Plains, NY

What are the asking prices for Generation 6 SR22 normally aspirated planes?

In 2017, Cirrus began shipping the Generation 6 SR22 airplane.  We looked at preowned asking prices and here’s what we found.  Seven planes for sale but only five in the United States.  All had air-conditioning.

Preowned asking prices for the SR22NA G6 ranged from $750,000 – 839,000.

 Cirrus Aircraft SR22 G6 Normally Aspirated preowned asking prices
Year Serial Tail TTAF Price Air-Cond. Style Location
2017 4447 N338LL 200  749,900 Yes Carbon Islip, NY
2017 4439 N542SF 510  769,000 Yes n/a Gaithersburg, MD
2018 4647 N96AT 85  786,000 Yes n/a SanJose, CA
2017 4645 N998SR n/a  799,000 Yes Carbon Australia
2017 4500 LV HFP 183  800,000 n/a n/a Buenos Aires, Argentina
2017 4544 N331ED 120  834,000 Yes Platinum Pkg. Somerset,NJ
2017 4550 N375TT 185  839,000 Yes Bold Carbon Kaiser, MO