Pre-Owned Cirrus Aircraft May 2021

In January 2021, a total of 96 preowned Cirrus SR22 airplanes were listed for sale. In May, the available supply was down to 81. A balanced supply to demand ratio of pre-owned airplane listings is said to be 3% of the manufactured models that were shipped.

The pre-owned listings for Cirrus SR22 models are at one percent ( 81 pre-owned listings / 6,500 mfg. = 1.3%.). The pre-owned listings for Cirrus SR20 models are at one percent ( 21 pre-owned listings / 1525 mfg. = 1.4%).

Pre-Owned Cirrus Aircraft For Sale, May 2021
Pre-Owned Cirrus Aircraft For Sale, May 2021

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Cirrus SR22 G6 is favored slightly more than its G5 normally aspirated brethren

After 4-years, the Cirrus SR22 G6 has slightly outsold its G5 normally aspirated predecessor. More than 508 customers have taken delivery of the G6 normally aspirated piston-engine plane which was introduced in 2017. That’s 18 or 4% more buyers than the Cirrus SR22 G5 during its 4-year production run from 2013 – 2016. Both are favored models and it seems the pilot attraction keeps getting stronger with each generation advancement.

Table 1: Comparison of Cirrus SR22 G6 to SR22 G5 Shipments

Year SR22 G6SR22 G5VariancePercent
2020107 -26-20%
Source: GAMA Annual Report Manufacturers’ Aircraft Shipments

How many airplanes has Cirrus Aircraft Sold (2020)?

Cirrus Aircraft has been manufacturing the certified Vision Personal Jet since 2016 and the SR series airplanes since 1999.  Total customer shipments were 8,234 at the end of 2020.  Details by the numbers are below.

Table 1: Cirrus Aircraft Shipments by Year

YearSF50 JetSR22 TurboSR22SR20SRVTotal

”Cirrus Aircraft’s first high-performance SR Series airplane – the SR20 – was delivered in 1999 and transformed general aviation with intuitive avionics, game-changing performance and revolutionary safety systems, including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®). The SR Series has been the world’s best-selling single-engine piston for 18 years in a row, with a portfolio that includes the SR20, SR22 and the turbocharged SR22T.” 

In 2021, Cirrus launched a limited edition SR series to commemorate the 8,000th customer delivery. The SR Series aircraft have exceeded 11 million flight hours and are flown in more than 60 countries around the world.

Table 1. References: GAMA Annual Reports and Matt Bergwall, 2006-2010 Cirrus Aircraft stats for factory installed Tornado Alley Turbonormalized (TAT) supplemental type certificate installations, which are not identified in GAMA statistics or the FAA registration database.  The FAA records list model SR22 for Cirrus planes with TAT systems.

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A Clear Solution for Ice Protection

It makes sense that a manufacturer based in Duluth Minnesota wouldn’t just slip up on the idea of ice protection. For almost two decades, Cirrus airplanes have flown with a clear solution for ice.  And, ice protection remains a highly preferred option among pilots of the iconic Cirrus SR22.  From the organization’s beginning, Cirrus Aircraft has focused on safety and innovation.  

The article “A Clear Solution for Ice Protection” by Jeffrey S. Brewer was published in the Special Safety Issue of Cirrus Pilot Magazine, April 2018. An electronic copy of the magazine, with the original article, is available through Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association.

Cirrus SR22 Known-Ice Protection (FIKI)

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Cirrus Aircraft Pricing 2021

Cirrus has published their airplane pricing for 2021.

Table 1: Cirrus Aircraft Pricing 2021

Base Price       779,000       679,900       494,900 
Add: GTS SR22 or Premium SR20       150,900       150,000       100,000 
Add: Ice Protection         30,000         30,000 n/a
Add: Air Conditioning         29,900         29,900         29,900 
Add: Global Connect         15,900         15,900         15,900 
Add: Hartzell 3-Blade Lightweight Composite PropIncl.        12,900         12,900 
Add: Built-In Oxygen SystemIncl.        10,900 n/a
Add: Tanis Avionics & Engine Pre-heater           2,490           2,490           2,490 
Add: 3-Day Transition Training Package           2,900           2,900           2,900 
Total    $1,011,090       $934,890       $658,990 
Cirrus Aircraft Pricing 2021

GA Market Trends in Preowned Aircraft

In January 2021, the available supply of preowned airplanes listed for sale reached significant lows. For example, among high-performance airplanes, there were a total of 96 Cirrus SR22’s listed for sale which included 15 planes located outside the United States. And, only 85 Bonanzas were listed for sale which included 8 planes located outside the United States. Similar supply lows to total aircraft manufactured were reached in preowned sales listings for Cessnas and Pipers.

A supply to demand balanced ratio of preowned listings is said to be 3% of the manufactured models that were shipped. The preowned listings for some Cirrus and Bonanza models are below 1%.

Table 1: Preowned Cirrus Aircraft Listed for Sale

Preowned Cirrus Aircraft Sales Listings, January 2021
Preowned Cirrus Aircraft Sales Listings, January 2021

Table 2: Preowned Bonanza Airplanes Listed for Sale

Preowned Bonanza Sales Listings, January 2021
Preowned Bonanza Sales Listings, January 2021

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Cirrus Aircraft Outsells the Competition – 2019

In 2019, Cirrus Aircraft delivered 375 piston-engine planes. Cirrus by design, has successfully resegmented the piston-engine market and has distinguished their planes from the competition. 

The Cirrus SR series wins 2:1 over Piper Archer and Arrow, about 2:1 over Cessna Skyhawk, Skylane & Stationair, 3:1 over Diamond DA40 and 47:1 over Bonanza G36 deliveries. A summarization of the annual GAMA report shows Cirrus won 41% of the traditional “four-seat” (4-adult) piston airplane customer shipments. See “Who is the GA Market Share Leader 2019

The Cirrus “SR-series of high-performance piston airplanes are the best-selling aircraft in the world for [17] consecutive years – with over 7,800 aircraft operating in over 60 countries.”

References: General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) Annual Shipment Report 2019. Cirrus Aircraft marketing website.

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Cirrus Perspective+. A Game Changer.

“Years of thoughtful design have led [Cirrus] to this point. A point where the flight deck thinks as fast as you do. A point where information to make decisions is rapidly available at your fingertips. A point where seamless integration between technology and the aircraft is realized. A point where the best selling high-performance piston line of aircraft from Cirrus raises the bar yet again on what it means to have the smartest, safest avionics available.”

“Unrivaled integration. Intuitive connectivity. Uncompromising safety. That’s Cirrus Perspective+. Exclusively available in the Cirrus Aircraft SR Series.

Reference: Cirrus Aircraft Corporation, The Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin, marketing brochure, p.30, 2017.

GAMA Reported 2019 Shipments, but Aviation Journalists Err in Assessing Cirrus Aircraft Marketing

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) published aircraft manufacturer shipments for 2019. After the report, Jim Moore, AOPA Editor-Web said, “Cirrus continues to lead the single-engine piston market by a wide margin, with sales of the SR22T alone climbing to 200 units in 2019, up from 180 delivered in in 2018. [But] Cirrus saw its older piston models slip in sales . . .  (1)”  I’m not sure Jim has seen the 6th Generation Cirrus SR20.  It’s cutting edge, not an older piston model.

Right now, the big General Aviation story is training aircraft shipments.  But Cirrus doesn’t focus on that market.  For decades, Cirrus has pursued a new market – piston personal transportation that delivers high performance, safety and luxury.  When specific customers are narrowly targeted business writers recognize it as market re-segmentation.

Cirrus SR Series shipments last year were 384 v. 380 in 2018, which scores another record for Cirrus Aircraft since the 2008 Great Recession (see Table 1).  A quick glance into the stats does show fewer SR20’s delivered last year 53 v. 65 in the prior period.  But here’s the rest of the story.

Cirrus reps have said, the company “suppresses” SR20 sales because that model has a lower margin than the SR22 Series.  If accurate, the manufacturing tactic is reflected in the stats.  Shipments for their highest margin product, the SR22T Turbo were up 11% over the prior year.  Normally aspirated SR22 production runs have averaged 132 units annually for the past half-decade.  Like other manufacturers, it appears Cirrus adjusts model production runs for optimal profitability.  For years, steady customer demand has maintained more than a 6-month delivery wait on 6th Generation SR Series airplanes.

For those new to the Cirrus brand here’s a recap: “In 2000, Cirrus received Type Certificate for a composite piston aircraft, with a larger wing and larger fuel capacity and more powerful engine – the SR22.  Just three years later, the SR22 became the world’s best-selling general aviation airplane . . . and has continued to hold that distinction every year since [17 years.  But] holding the title of the best-selling general aviation aircraft every year has not stopped Cirrus from pursuing continuous innovation on the SR Series aircraft (2).”  

For those watching, Cirrus is relentlessly pursuing a new market for single-engine turbofan personal transportation, which they coined “The Personal Jet.”  Cirrus is holding deposits from more than 500 pilots who want to take delivery; however, a ramp-up in production of the Cirrus SF50 Personal Jet has not yet begun.  This new market appears opaque to aviation journalists.  Many perceive incorrectly that Cirrus has entered the Very Light Jet market (VLJ).

Cirrus has over 7,800 aircraft operating in more than 60 countries.  Congratulations to the entire Cirrus Aircraft team.

Table 1. Historic Cirrus Aircraft Shipments

YearSF50 JetSR22 TurboSR22SR20SRVTotal
2019            81                 200              131                53               –                465 
2018            63                 180              135                65               –                443 
2017            22                 174              135                46               –                377 
2016               3                 149              133                35               –                320 
2015              –                   142              128                31               –                301 
2014              –                   160              117                31               –                308 
2013              –                   132              112                32               –                276 
2012              –                     88                81                84               –                253 
2011              –                   102              105                48               –                255 
2010              –                   107              115                42               –                264 
2009              –                   150                88                28               –                266 
2008              –                   250              177              115                7              549 
2007              –                   300              288              112              10              710 
2006              –                     30*              535              150                6              721 
2005              –                       –                475              116                9              600 
2004              –                       –                459                91                3              553 
2003              –                       –                355              112                2              469 
2002              –                       –                292              105               –                397 
2001              –                       –                124                59               –                183 
2000              –                       –                    –                  95               –                  95 
1999              –                       –                    –                     9               –                     9 
Total          169             2,164          3,985          1,459              37          7,814 

Note: Cirrus factory installed STC Tornado Alley Turbonormalized (TAT) shipments are not listed in GAMA statistics.  From 2006 – 2010, the FAA Registration for Cirrus planes with TAT systems is “SR22.”  See reference info. (3) below.

  1. Jim Moore, “Piston Trainer Surge Lifted GA Market.  GAMA: 2019 BizJet Deliveries Also at 10-Year High,” AOPA News & Videos, February 19, 2020
  2. Cirrus marketing website, About the Company, “History of Cirrus Aircraft,”, 2020
  3. * Jeffrey S. Brewer, “Cirrus has the best-selling Turbocharged Airplane,” statistics by year for factory installed Tornado Alley Turbo Normalized STC Shipments, phone interview Matt Bergwall, Cirrus Product Marketing Manager,, circa April, 2014  

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Cirrus G6 Payload Management

“Smart loading. The Weight and Balance synoptic page makes every input easy and accurate. Every gallon of fuel and TKS fluid, seat occupied and bag stowed can be accounted for in the center of gravity calculation. Know with confidence that you can complete your flight safely and legally.”

Reference: Cirrus Aircraft Corporation, The Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin, marketing brochure, p.29, 2017.