Here’s how I’d group GA flying cost

Pilots as a group tend to be orderly and systematic. We use checklists. We apply them to the type of plane we’re flying and its performance characteristics. But this skill for organizing is not always carried over to our flying costs.  I’d like to take what many times is confusing and disorderly and organize it into something coherent and orderly. Here’s a clear method for grouping general aviation flying cost: Continue reading “Here’s how I’d group GA flying cost”

We completed the 7-year EMA airbag maintenance

The Electronics Module Assembly (EMA) of AmSafe’s airbag system contains the activation crash sensors. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standard states the EMA refurbishment should be done at 7-years. And, you should replaced the unit after 14-years.

Here’s a cost summary of the EMA 7-year maintenance at an Authorized Cirrus Service Center: Continue reading “We completed the 7-year EMA airbag maintenance”