We completed the 7-year EMA airbag maintenance

The Electronics Module Assembly (EMA) of AmSafe’s airbag system contains the activation crash sensors. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standard states the EMA refurbishment should be done at 7-years. And, you should replaced the unit after 14-years.

Here’s a cost summary of the EMA 7-year maintenance at an Authorized Cirrus Service Center:

What’s the cost for EMA airbag maintenance?

The EMA controller was removed and sent to the OEM for inspection and refurbishment.  Upon return the unit was reinstalled and electronically tested.

Summary EMA Controller Refurbishment

Description Time Rate Amount
Labor 0.50 $90.00 45
Part – EMA Refurbishment 369
Shipping 11
Total $425

The EMA 7-year maintenance is an example of a aviation indirect fixed cost. It’s a cost incurred regardless of the hours flown. Some pilots may not even know the cost exists until their A&P tells them. In a share aircraft ownership the expense should be split evenly among the members.

The AmSafe airbag system is a valuable safety addition. Cirrus began installing front seat airbags as standard equipment beginning with 2005 SR22 G2 serial number 1520 and 2005 SR20 G2 1541.

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