We completed the 6-year CAPS line cutter replacement

The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System pyrotechnic reefing line cutters are a 6-year Life Limited Component.  Here’s our maintenance cost summary from an authorized Cirrus Service Center.

What does the 6-year CAPS line cutter replacement cost?

The replacement process is fairly quick. The time required was about one-hour and we stayed with the airplane while the work was done. The old line cutters were removed and a new reefing line cutter kit installed.

CAPS Reefing Line Cutter Replacement Cost

Description Time Rate Amount
Labor 1.00 $90.00 90
Part – Line Cutter Kit 1,198
Shipping 41
Total $1,329

What are the line cutters for?

The pyrotechnic line cutter fuses severe a snub line that allows the folded aft harness to extend to its full length at the proper time.  The rear harness length is kept short during initial deployment to support the airplane’s rotation and controlled parachute deployment.  Refer to the Cirrus Aircraft CAPS PDF Guide for more details.

The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System only needs infrequent maintenance.  A complete CAPS overhaul is required every 10-years. Currently, Cirrus recommends that you notify your authorized CAPS Overhaul Center 1-month prior to your system’s expiration date. Life Limited Components are by definition time sensitive; therefore, CAPS components are not inventoried as off-the-shelf parts and some lead time may be required for your overhaul.

10-Year Overhaul Note: Because reefing line cutters are on a different replacement schedule, line cutters with sufficient life remaining may be retained by the CAPS Overhaul Center, inspected, and re-installed in your aircraft.

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2 thoughts on “We completed the 6-year CAPS line cutter replacement

  1. Hello, my name is Daniel Lugo, my question is as follows. In the Cirrus SR-20 w / Pespective Avionics, is the same life limit time of the CAPS line cutters?

    1. Hello Daniel, very good question. The Cirrus Perspective SR20 CAPS line cutters have the same life limited time as the SR22. And, I believe it’s a correct statement to say that all life limited components on the SR22 & SR20 are the same.
      Best regards, Jeff

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