What does a SR22 biennial IFR certification cost?

We had our SR22 biennial IFR certification performed at a local avionics shop. We scheduled the work in advance and were able to get a one day turn-around. 

Cirrus Perspective MFD Wx Data Link View
IFR cross country with Cirrus Perspective MFD Wx Data Link View, photo by wikiWings

The base price for IFR certification was $450.  We received certification that they tested and verified the transponder, altimeter, static systems and altitude reporting equipment meets FAR 91.411, FAR 91.413 and FAR 43 – Appendix E & F.

The flight equipment checked out okay, but we did have an extra $100 of labor. The add on work related to trouble shooting the Master Control Unit external power connection. Total fly out expense was $554.

The IFR certification is a recurring cost every two years whether the plane is flown or not. In a shared ownership this would be a fixed cost divided equally among the members.

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