Internal TestFlight of Connecting Aviators app is underway

App Store TestFlight, which is part of Apple’s SDK tools for developers, makes it easy to test apps and collect valuable feedback prior to formal release. Our developers created version 1.0 and uploaded it to TestFlight.

Currently, internal team members are testing the app. Participants receive an email invite which allows them to download TestFlight from the App Store. Testers can to turn on automatic updates to ensure they’re always testing the latest build of the Connecting Aviators® app.

Internal Team members are evaluating version 1.0, build 8 of the app as of January 29,2021.

External Testers will be invited to evaluate the Connecting Aviators app in the near future. Are you ready to be an App TestFight pilot? You must be a pilot in the United States. Submit a contact form request through this website. After you’re cleared, you’ll receive an invite to access TestFlight from the App Store when external pilot testing begins.

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Cirrus Aircraft Pricing 2021

Cirrus has published their airplane pricing for 2021.

Table 1: Cirrus Aircraft Pricing 2021

Base Price       779,000       679,900       494,900 
Add: GTS SR22 or Premium SR20       150,900       150,000       100,000 
Add: Ice Protection         30,000         30,000 n/a
Add: Air Conditioning         29,900         29,900         29,900 
Add: Global Connect         15,900         15,900         15,900 
Add: Hartzell 3-Blade Lightweight Composite PropIncl.        12,900         12,900 
Add: Built-In Oxygen SystemIncl.        10,900 n/a
Add: Tanis Avionics & Engine Pre-heater           2,490           2,490           2,490 
Add: 3-Day Transition Training Package           2,900           2,900           2,900 
Total    $1,011,090       $934,890       $658,990 
Cirrus Aircraft Pricing 2021

GA Market Trends in Preowned Aircraft

In January 2021, the available supply of preowned airplanes listed for sale reached significant lows. For example, among high-performance airplanes, there were a total of 96 Cirrus SR22’s listed for sale which included 15 planes located outside the United States. And, only 85 Bonanzas were listed for sale which included 8 planes located outside the United States. Similar supply lows to total aircraft manufactured were reached in preowned sales listings for Cessnas and Pipers.

A supply to demand balanced ratio of preowned listings is said to be 3% of the manufactured models that were shipped. The preowned listings for some Cirrus and Bonanza models are below 1%.

Table 1: Preowned Cirrus Aircraft Listed for Sale

Preowned Cirrus Aircraft Sales Listings, January 2021
Preowned Cirrus Aircraft Sales Listings, January 2021

Table 2: Preowned Bonanza Airplanes Listed for Sale

Preowned Bonanza Sales Listings, January 2021
Preowned Bonanza Sales Listings, January 2021

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A New Year 2021

As we enter the new year, we’re focusing on new beginnings. There’s no forgetting the vicious global pandemic, yet there’s help arriving with the scheduling of vaccines. We hope you and your family are able to stay healthy and safe.

Our Connecting Aviators® Interactive Aviator Software which helps pilots find, connect and share their passion for flying with fellow aviators is a new beginning. Stay tuned for dev updates. We’ll also report on GA market trends and the value of shared aircraft ownerships during 2021.