Internal TestFlight of Connecting Aviators app is underway

App Store TestFlight, which is part of Apple’s SDK tools for developers, makes it easy to test apps and collect valuable feedback prior to formal release. Our developers created version 1.0 and uploaded it to TestFlight.

Currently, internal team members are testing the app. Participants receive an email invite which allows them to download TestFlight from the App Store. Testers can to turn on automatic updates to ensure they’re always testing the latest build of the Connecting Aviators® app.

Internal Team members are evaluating version 1.0, build 8 of the app as of January 29,2021.

External Testers will be invited to evaluate the Connecting Aviators app in the near future. Are you ready to be an App TestFight pilot? You must be a pilot in the United States. Submit a contact form request through this website. After you’re cleared, you’ll receive an invite to access TestFlight from the App Store when external pilot testing begins.

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High-Fidelity Prototype Complete

The high-fidelity UI/UX prototype of the Connecting Aviators® app is complete. It’s what developers call the front end user interface and we’ll reveal more screens in the near future. Many thanks to the pilots that have provided feedback on the design.

The Dev Phase for backend buildout has now started. And, we’re still on schedule for release of the app in early 2021.

Wireframe prototype completed

May through June of 2020, we developed the black and white low-fidelity wireframe prototype of the Connecting Aviators® app which transformed through many iterations. These initial versions, would not have been possible without the help of three exceptional user interface and user experience (UI/UX) designers. Many thanks to Leah, Jessie, Dorian and more than 15 individuals that participated in our prototype validation testing.

We’re on schedule to introduce the new Connecting Aviators® app in 2021.

Student Pilots

In the United States, there are more than 197,000 student pilots. We welcome these new pilots into general aviation and want to encourage each one to complete their private pilot training. 

Connecting Aviators® can help student pilots connect with other pilots in their area. You’ll be able find pilots based on certifications, ratings, airplane type and airport. 

We believe each pilot is always Pilot in Command (PIC) over their profile information in Connecting Aviators.

Join us in supporting aspiring student pilots.

General Aviation Pilots

In the United States, there are about 644,000 registered pilots within a population of 328,000,000 million.  Pilots are outnumbered 500:1 by the general population. So, it’s not easy to just connect with other pilots. 

General social media apps are out there. But our app validation testing found pilots are discontent with some of these social platforms.  When aviation is on their mind, they don’t like wading through unrelated content. It’s time consuming. And, pilots know posting aviation conversations on general forums can be problematic.

Connecting Aviators® is focused on the needs of general aviation pilots. Join us on our journey as we grow.