Introduction Generation 6 SR22

In 2017, Cirrus rolled-out the Generation 6 SR22 airplane.  Over the next several weeks, we’ll highlight the significant changes and review the number of SR22-G6 planes shipped and the market for pre-owned asking prices.

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Normally aspirated SR22-G5, That was then, This is now

It has been half a decade since the first normally aspirated Generation 5 SR22 planes began shipment. From 2013 through 2016, Cirrus delivered about 490 normally aspirated SR22-G5 airplanes. Let’s look at how the pre-owned market has changed. Continue reading “Normally aspirated SR22-G5, That was then, This is now”

Cirrus Performance Braking System by Beringer Aero

In 2014, Cirrus announced the performance braking system created specifically for Cirrus by Beringer Aero.  The enhanced braking system became the G5 standard, but it’s now available for all Cirrus airplanes. The company ramps up the marketing around three innovative features: Continue reading “Cirrus Performance Braking System by Beringer Aero”