Cirrus Performance Braking System by Beringer Aero

In 2014, Cirrus announced the performance braking system created specifically for Cirrus by Beringer Aero.  The enhanced braking system became the G5 standard, but it’s now available for all Cirrus airplanes. The company ramps up the marketing around three innovative features:

Performance: You can choose between single and dual caliper brakes, which utilize new fluid technology designed to operate cooler and withstand higher temperatures. The package offers a weight savings of up to 5+ pounds over the Parker/Cleveland brake system.

Reliability: The new braking system utilizes tubeless tires and fully-sealed wheel bearings an automotive standard for decades. The new system should improve reliability by reducing the risks of leaks and failures.

Convenience: New redesigned wheel fairings have easy access doors for inspection and maintenance of tire pressure. A difficult task with the old fairing because they’re aerodynamically designed to fit close around the wheel. The line crew needs to roll the plane around a bit to find the valve stem before adding air pressure to tires. 

The single-caliper braking system starts at $4,999 and the dual-caliper system is priced at $6,100.  Includes tubeless tires and hardware but you’ll need to add a price quote for installation labor.  For more information, check out the Cirrus website, Cirrus Authorized Service and Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA).

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