Normally aspirated SR22-G5, That was then, This is now

It has been half a decade since the first normally aspirated Generation 5 SR22 planes began shipment. From 2013 through 2016, Cirrus delivered about 490 normally aspirated SR22-G5 airplanes. Let’s look at how the pre-owned market has changed.

In the fourth quarter of 2014, we reviewed pre-owned asking prices for Generation 5 normally aspirated SR22 planes. At that time, you could expect a pre-owned asking price of $599,000 to $639,000 for a low-time aircraft with air-conditioning. In the fall of 2014, only three pre-owned G5 planes were available for sale (reference 2014 wikiWing articles for details).

But “that was then and this is now.”

From June through August 2018, we gathered pre-owned asking prices for Generation 5 Cirrus SR22 normally aspirated planes.  About fifteen planes were available for sale which represents 3% of the Generation 5 normally aspirated planes manufactured. Asking prices ranged from a low of $520,000 to a high of $690,000.  The average price was $600,000.  The planes were low time – less than 700 hours except for a few. Most of the planes had air-conditioning (12/15). A popular safety feature was Flight into Know Icing (FIKI) protection. Just three of the planes had clean wings with no FIKI.

Normally aspirated Generation 5 SR22 original factory pricing
Year Model Avionics Base Std. GS GTS
2013 SR22-G5 Perspective $479,900 n/a  $635,900

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