Wheels Up! 2015

This June marks the second anniversary of my general aviation writing on wikiWings®.  The goal continues – publish one article each Friday morning. Visitors now have more than 9,200 views of 104 articles on the wikiWings® blog.

Last year’s season began with a series of articles on the pre-owned market for Cirrus aircraft. These articles included “Five Categories, Five Budgets and Five Sweet Spots,” for Cirrus aircraft along with a recap of asking prices for each. These articles were based on questions I had when transitioning from flying aluminum to advanced composite high performance aircraft. Continue reading “Wheels Up! 2015”

Summary of Reasons for Turbocharged Cirrus

Looking for a reason to consider the Turbocharged Cirrus? Here are twenty-three reasons

2008 Cirrus Perspective SR22TN Turbo GTSx, by wikiWings.Wordpress.com
2008 Cirrus Perspective SR22TN Turbo GTSx, by wikiWings.Wordpress.com

which I’ve summarized into a Table of Contents below and have included links to each article.

There are more reasons to go Turbo but I’ll taxis to the ramp and park it with these.

It’s time for you to get out there and climb higher.

Blue sky,

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Reason 23 – Turbocharged Cirrus

The Vision SF50 Personal Jet by Cirrus Aircraft
Cirrus Aircraft Vision SF50 Personal Jet, photo by wikiWings® 2013

Cirrus is developing a new category of aircraft – “The Personal Jet,” it’s just a step below the Very Light Jet (VLJ) market in price and complexity. It will be the only single-engine certified jet ever brought to market. Cirrus claims the Vision SF50 Jet  will revolutionize personal and regional business travel.  It’s a “Personal Jet” designed to be flown by the owner.

So how does the Cirrus Perspective™ Turbo relate to the Personal Jet – The Vision SF50? Well, Cirrus Turbo flying is part of an advanced aviation training platform.  It provides pilots the opportunity to gain knowledge in an aircraft with cutting-edge avionics and to build flight experience in higher flight levels.  Cirrus Turbo flying is a valuable progressive step toward the Cirrus Vision Personal Jet transition.
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