Reason 23 – Turbocharged Cirrus

The Vision SF50 Personal Jet by Cirrus Aircraft
Cirrus Aircraft Vision SF50 Personal Jet, photo by wikiWings® 2013

Cirrus is developing a new category of aircraft – “The Personal Jet,” it’s just a step below the Very Light Jet (VLJ) market in price and complexity. It will be the only single-engine certified jet ever brought to market. Cirrus claims the Vision SF50 Jet  will revolutionize personal and regional business travel.  It’s a “Personal Jet” designed to be flown by the owner.

So how does the Cirrus Perspective™ Turbo relate to the Personal Jet – The Vision SF50? Well, Cirrus Turbo flying is part of an advanced aviation training platform.  It provides pilots the opportunity to gain knowledge in an aircraft with cutting-edge avionics and to build flight experience in higher flight levels.  Cirrus Turbo flying is a valuable progressive step toward the Cirrus Vision Personal Jet transition.

Reason 23 – Cirrus Perspective™ Turbo is an Advanced Training Platform

The Cirrus Perspective™ is based on the Garmin G1000, but the system is integrated in more ways, starting with the center control console along with more than 40 aural and audio alerts. If you’re a GA pilot that’s been flying “six pack” configurations with add-on technology you’ll find the Perspective flight deck with Synthetic Vision generations ahead, and it delivers the experience you’ll need to fly technically advanced aircraft (TAA). The Perspective™ Turbo also builds on Critical Decision Making (CDM) skills needed for higher altitude flying through preflight planning, inflight experiences and training scenarios.

Approach speeds in the SR22 Turbo are comparable to the Vision SF50. Stall speeds for both aircraft, with flaps, are in the 60’s. The Turbo has an easy single power lever but the Jet goes further with FADEC engine management. Both aircraft feature side yoke controls.

“When you’re flying with Cirrus [Turbo] Perspective™ by Garmin, you’re not flying a jet – it just feels like it. You are, however, flying a very refined piece of technology that is uniquely Cirrus.” The company has been producing technically advance turbocharged aircraft for over 10 years.

The Cirrus Vision SF50 Personal Jet, currently claims over 550 positions are held. Three conforming test aircraft have accumulated more than 500 flight hours, and right now the first production aircraft is moving down the manufacturing line in Duluth MN.  Customer deliveries of the Cirrus Vision SF50 Jet are anticipated by end of this year.

The Vision SF50 Jet will have the Perspective™ by Garmin® 3000 based avionics with Synthetic Vision (SVT).  It will fit inside your standard 40 foot hangar and doesn’t require a flight department for operations.


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