Summary of Reasons for Turbocharged Cirrus

Looking for a reason to consider the Turbocharged Cirrus? Here are twenty-three reasons

2008 Cirrus Perspective SR22TN Turbo GTSx, by
2008 Cirrus Perspective SR22TN Turbo GTSx, by

which I’ve summarized into a Table of Contents below and have included links to each article.

There are more reasons to go Turbo but I’ll taxis to the ramp and park it with these.

It’s time for you to get out there and climb higher.

Blue sky,

Summary – 23 Reasons for Turbocharged Cirrus

Reason 1 SMART Turbocharged Design
Reason 2 Optimized for Efficient LOP Operation
Reason 3 Efficient GPH Climb Performance
Reason 4 Time in Climb Performance
Reason 5 Good NMPG Performance Cross-Country
Reason 6 Triple Threat Climb Performance
Reason 7 Better NMPG Performance Cross-Country
Reason 8 Better Headwind Performance
Reason 9 Better Altitude Utility
Reason 10 Reach Higher, Go Faster
Reason 11 Faster than Commercial Airlines
Reason 12 Designed for Easy Operation
Reason 13 Myth – Turbos are for the Mountains
Reason 14 Myth – Turbos are for Long Cross-Country
Reason 15 Turbocharged flying is more Comfortable
Reason 16 Experience Flight in a Higher Plane
Reason 17 The Trend is Cirrus Turbocharged
Reason 18 The Turbocharged Market Leader is Cirrus Aircraft
Reason 19 Half of High Performance Aircraft are Turbocharged
Reason 20 Demand is up . . . .
Reason 21 A Pre-Owned Value Sweet Spot
Reason 22 Cost of Ownership: Total NMPG Fuel Expense
Reason 23 Advanced Training Platform

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