Wheels Up! 2015

This June marks the second anniversary of my general aviation writing on wikiWings®.  The goal continues – publish one article each Friday morning. Visitors now have more than 9,200 views of 104 articles on the wikiWings® blog.

Last year’s season began with a series of articles on the pre-owned market for Cirrus aircraft. These articles included “Five Categories, Five Budgets and Five Sweet Spots,” for Cirrus aircraft along with a recap of asking prices for each. These articles were based on questions I had when transitioning from flying aluminum to advanced composite high performance aircraft.

For many years I flew normally aspirated single-engine planes. There are a lot of myths, misconceptions and non-operator advice on piston turbos out there. Many of these “hangar opinions” are based on old turbocharged designs. I was left with a lot of questions about turbocharged aircraft but not many answers. These questions and real turbo flying led to 23 articles on turbocharged aircraft. I hope you enjoy the weblog series “Reasons for Turbocharged Cirrus.”

In the next several weeks, I’ll begin a series on Cost of Ownership because it’s a topic of interest for many visitors to wikiWings®. The upcoming articles will divide ownership expenses into two categories, “Fixed and Variable,” and we’ll examine these in detail.

To all who are reading I express my thanks. I appreciate the opportunity to share it forward and to be part of the general aviation experience with you.

Blue sky,
Connecting Aviators™


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