Got iSorties™?

In aviation, a sortie is an individual aircraft mission, which begins when the aircraft takes off and ends upon its return. As general aviation pilots we create our own missions and many flights are training sorties.

If you’re instrument rated then you need to maintain your currency to act as pilot in command. FAR 61.57 defines the minimum amount of recent flight experience for the preceding six calendar months as:

  • At least 6 instrument approaches;
  • Holding procedures; and
  • Intercepting and tracking courses through the use of navigation systems.
Cirrus Perspective SR22TN Turbo skyward bound, photo credit by wikiWings
Cirrus Perspective SR22TN Turbo skyward bound, photo credit by wikiWings

Jim Collins has said, “good is the enemy of great.” For aviators, good may be the enemy of safe. Many of us seek-out fellow aviators to schedule safety pilot flight time. So keep on learning and training.

In our area, a good choice for finding a safety pilot is the local FBO on Saturday morning. We have coffee and discuss the topics of the week. Then we settle in on a flight plan. A $100 hamburger run, instrument approaches or both. Sometimes that process can be hit or miss and you don’t get your objective accomplished. Telephone calls during the week, email, and messaging are alternatives to coordinate a safety pilot flight.

I envision an iSortiesTM  process that leverages technology to make it fun and easier to connect with fellow aviators. Maybe someday it will fly.

What’s your process to locate and connect with pilots?

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