We recently replaced our SR22 carbon monoxide detector

We recently replaced our Cirrus Aircraft carbon monoxide detector.  Here’s the cost summary from an authorized service center work order.

Our 2008 SR22T factory certified CO detector was due for replacement.The product is manufactured by Guardian Avionics and is a 7-year Life Limited Component.  The old unit was removed and a new one installed.

Summary Factory Installed CO Detector Replacement
Description Time Rate Amount
Labor 1.66 90 149
CO Detector 1,000
Shipping 13
Total $1,149

Cabin carbon monoxide in general aviation planes may be a rare event but when it occurs it can be deadly. The Perspective pilot alert system with CO detection further raises the level of safety in Cirrus Aircraft. The factory installed CO detector was not available until 2008 when the Cirrus Perspective by Garmin was introduced.

This 7-year Life Limited Component can be referred to as a “fixed expense.” It’s incurred regardless of the number of hours flown. In a shared airplane ownership the cost would be divided equally between members.

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