How many Cirrus SR22-G1 airplanes shipped?

From 2001 to 2004, Cirrus shipped 818 first generation SR22 airplanes (serial numbers 002-819). During this period Cirrus avionics and options progressed. The SR22-G1 equipment progression can be grouped into three segments:

Three Serial Segments to SR22-G1 shipments
  • Segment 1: Serials 002-141; Six-Pack, ARNAV, Garmin radios, S-TEC auto pilot
  • Segment 2: Serials 142-434; Six-Pack, Avidyne MFD, Garmin radios, S-TEC auto pilot
  • Segment 3: Serials 435-819; Avidyne PFD MFD, Garmin, S-TEC and The Centennial Limited Edition (100 units)

We’ll look in detail at each of these SR22-G1 serial segments over the next few weeks.

In the early days, even Cirrus Aircraft didn’t know there would be six generations of SR22 airplanes by the year 2017. They first used the generation model designation with the release of the SR22-G2 in 2004. The early SR planes are sometimes referred to as pre-G2 airplanes. Most pilots familiar with Cirrus will reference the first production run of SR-series as Generation One.  But the first generation planes were not labeled G1s.

Example Controller website listing of Cirrus piston single airplanes, October 20, 2017
Example, Controller website listing of Cirrus Aircraft piston single engine airplanes, October 20, 2017

Websites like Controller that list airplanes for sale haven’t specifically posted “SR22-G1s.” There’s just a “SR22” designated group that contains listings for G1s and other SR22 generations, which are . . . well mis-categorized. You’ll need to sort the list yourself.

Don’t expect a big selection of pre-owned SR22-G1 airplanes. There were only eight listed in October on Controller, which is a market inventory low in pre-owned SR22-G1s. It represents less than 1% of the SR22-G1 fleet as being available for sale (8 / 818 = .009%). And, three of those G1s were outside of the States.

The supply of all pre-owned SR22s for sale have also fallen this summer to 163. This represents three percent of the pre-owned Cirrus SR22 fleet on the market worldwide. A record low (163 / 5,194* SR22s = 3%). If you subtract foreign and fractional sales just 145 SR22 planes were on the market in the States.

*Note: As of December 31, 2016 Cirrus had shipped a total of 5,194 SR22 airplanes.

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