Purpose, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

We need to share it forward to support aircraft co-ownership because it is the single largest aviation discount available to pilots. A partnership can save you from 50% – 75% on acquisition and maintenance costs.

This next series of weblogs are on Cirrus SR22 cost of ownership. It’s written from the perspective of co-ownership to help pilots who are in an aircraft partnership or considering joining one.

There are many questions and decisions surrounding cost of ownership. What are the expected operating expenses for a Cirrus SR22? How will you identify and organize all the expenses?  How do you allocate among co-owners on a reasonable basis the monthly fixed and variable expenses? What about future costs? How do you plan and fund CAPS replacement or an engine overhaul? How do you present a co-ownership Balance Sheet and Income Statement?

We’ll address these questions and more in this new weblog series Cost of Ownership.

This series is not designed to explain aviation tax issues or how a business would account for aircraft operating expenses. If you need business or tax advice seek a professional specializing in that area.

If you plan to own an aircraft by yourself some of your cost questions may be answered here, but the focus will be information to help aircraft co-ownership arrangements.

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