Cylinder Replacement, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

We had three cylinders on our Teledyne Continental Motor IO-550-N engine replaced. Here’s cost detail from our Work Order at a Cirrus authorized service center.

The Teledyne Continental Motors MSRP for each new cylinder on our engine was $1,986 (overhauled cylinders run about $400 less).  It required slightly less than 20 hours of labor time to replace the three cylinders. The service center labor charged was $1,789.

How much does TCM IO-550 new cylinder replacement cost?

Description Quantity Cost Amount
Parts -New Cylinders 3 1,986 5,958
Parts – Misc. 44 44
Labor 19.88 $90.00 1,789
Shipping 225 225
Tax on parts 8.25% 495
Total $8,510

Our total cost on the work order was $8,510 (including shipping & tax) or $2,837 for each new cylinder.

Cylinders in Teledyne Continental Motor IO-550 engines are well-known for not making it to TBO. This includes both turbocharged and normally aspirated Cirrus SR22 airplanes. It’s not unexpected to see turbocharged airplanes with cylinder replacements on mid-time engines.  And. it’s not unusual for normally aspirated TCM IO-550 engine to have some cylinder replacement toward the end of TBO. So plan an operating budget accordingly.

In an airplane shared ownership you should establish an hourly rate that allows a reasonable reserve fund for pre-TBO cylinder replacements. Our cylinder work was completed with a zero dollar invoice (no charge) to the shared ownership members. In other words, the hourly rate covered the cylinder maintenance associated with flying the airplane.

A no charge invoice to members for variable operating costs is a good objective.  If a shared ownership is billing members for variable operating costs after an Annual or during the year then members should check the hourly rate.

We fly a Cirrus Perspective SR22TN-G3 Turbo and routinely operate the engine in cruise in the mid-70% power range. Our airplane had about 1,000 hours on the Hobbs at the time of cylinder replacement.

This is a budget opinion weblog. Your cost experience may vary. This blog is not a discussion on when to perform engine maintenance. If you need maintenance guidance then seek advice from an appropriate professional.

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