Fractional Aircraft and Share Owners 2019

GAMA annual report included a section on fractional ownership, and JetNet LLC was the source for the statistics. JetNet’s business model appears to be focused on turbine and helicopter markets. They reported the turbine airplane fleet reached 38,448 and helicopters 31,839 respectively worldwide in 2019. JetNet tracks fractional ownership and but only recorded 860 fractional aircraft ownerships in 2019. The GAMA fractional report implies it’s representative of the entire GA fleet.

Fractional Aircraft and Share Owners 2019

Fractional Aircraft             860 
Fractional Share Owners          3,867 
Source: JetNet LLC

Our hypothesis is the total number of fractional aircraft and fractional share owners in the U.S. and worldwide is unknown. JetNet’s stats imply an average of only 17 fractional aircraft per state in the United States and even less if the assumption is worldwide. Logically, JetNet’s fractional numbers are too low and the reporting is incomplete to be representative of the entire market. The U.S. general aviation fleet has more than 211,000 aircraft.

GAMA and JetNet should clarify how their reported records on 860 fractional aircraft relate to the total U.S. and worldwide general aviation fleet.

U.S. General Aviation Fleet by Aircraft Type2018
Single-Engine Piston Airplanes       130,180 
Twin-Engine Piston Airplanes         12,860 
Turboprop Airplanes           9,924 
Jet Powered Airplanes         14,595 
Helicopters           9,988 
Experimental         30,084 
Other aircraft           4,112 
Total       211,743 
Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Contribution of GA to U.S. Economy 2018, February 19, 2020

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