Fuel and Oil, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

Our Cirrus SR22TN fuel and oil cost combined ran $88.49 per Hobbs hour for the past twelve-month period. Calculating these variable costs allow you to match them with member usage in a shared ownership.

What are fuel and oil cost to run a Cirrus SR22?

Here’s a high level summary. Refer to last week’s post for expense details.

Summary Fuel & Oil Expense

Description Per Hour
Fuel 81.60
Oil 6.89
Total $88.49

But fuel and oil are not the only direct cost variables for operating a Cirrus aircraft.

For example, magnetos have a 500 hour life in operation before Inspection and Repair As Necessary (IRAN). Magnetos are a direct variable cost of flying that should be matched to member usage in a shared ownership.

More on that expense next week.

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