How much does the Precise Flight oxygen cylinder overhaul cost?

The built-in oxygen system in Cirrus SR22’s require overhaul of the oxygen regulator and pressure testing of the cylinder every five years. I’ve summarized the overhaul cost and a high level description of the system in this post.

Precise Flight composite wrapped oxygen cylinder with regulator attached
Precise Flight composite wrapped oxygen cylinder that stores 77 cu ft of Oxygen at 1800 psig with regulator attached

The Precise Flight system provides supplemental oxygen to pilot and passengers and consists of the following:

  • Composite wrapped cylinder mounted in the aft fuselage tail cone, which stores 77 cu ft oxygen at 1800 psig.
  • An oxygen regulator connected to the cylinder bottle
  • Associated plumbing and fittings
  • A remote filler service port on the back lower wall of the luggage compartment
  • Overhead manifold distribution ports with LED lighting just aft of pilots seats
  • Breathing devices and flow meters
  • Center console activation switch with lighted O2 level display
  • Cirrus Perspective by Garmin models include integrated visual and audible O2 alerts
2008 SR22TN with tail cone access panel removed
2008 SR22TN with tail cone access panel removed

The oxygen cylinder assembly was removed from the aft fuselage of the aircraft and shipped to Precise Flight for hydrotest. The oxygen regulator was also removed and sent to Precise Flight for overhaul and cleaning. Total fly out cost was $903.

The built-in oxygen system is a great SR22 feature.

Summary Precise Flight oxygen cylinder and regulator overhaul

Description Hours Rate Amount
Precise Flight Labor 360
Labor Removal 2.64 90 238
Labor Reinstall 1.55 90 140
Service O2 25
Shipping 141
Total $903

You can find additional information on the Precise Flight oxygen system in the POH supplement, Precise Flight Instructions for Continued Airworthiness Cirrus SR22/SR22T Built-In Oxygen System, Cirrus Authorized Service Centers, and other professional resources.

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