Part 2 – Magnetos, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

Magnetos Drift, Float and Fail. When our left-hand magneto failed just a few hours after (IRAN) inspection, we were convinced to install “blue label” magnetos, and were told it was better to have a “matched set.”

We had the Continental “blue label” Bendix rebuilt magnetos installed. Ah, relief – they indeed eliminated the terrible interference from our communication radio.  But wait – only 11 months and 238 hours later we had another magneto failure!

Fortunately, we were within the “blue label” service warranty period (barely), and a replacement magneto was provided at no charge. Our cost was labor to install and the down-time inconvenience.

What are the operating costs for magnetos?

So far, our direct variable operating cost is $5.02 per hour with “blue label” magnetos ($2,511 / 500hrs. forecasted = $5.02). Magneto float and drift adjustments have cost about $1.27 per hour ($301.5 / 238hrs. = $1.27).

Some of the drift adjustment cost was probably related to a failing mag. Will we have more drift adjustments or another mag failure before 500 hours? Those possible future costs are not included below.

Summary cost TCM Blue Label Magnetos

Date Description Amount
05/01/14 TCM Blue Label Mags. LH RH 1,894.28
05/01/14 Labor Installation (estimated) 180.00
05/22/14 Adjust drift LH magneto 93.60
11/21/14 Adjust drift LH magneto 47.70
02/11/15 Adjust drift magnetos 160.20
03/31/15 Labor, Warranty mag. installation 135.00
Total $2,510.78

What are blue label magnetos?

Blue label is Continental Motors Inc. “Rebuilt” magneto program. Continental has manufactured the former Bendix line of magnetos and harnesses for over 25 years. For complete details, procedures, tools, test equipment, and parts refer to Continental Motors Inc. master service manuals.

What variable cost per hour should you budget for magnetos? We’ll summarize the numbers next week.

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