Spark Plug Life, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

How long should a replacement set of spark plugs last on a Cirrus SR22? I contacted two authorized service centers and asked that question.

How long should a new set of spark plugs last on a Cirrus SR22?

Typically, about 350 but they could last up to 400 or 500 hours if – the plugs are cleaned, gapped, tested and rotated every 100 hours. This is an estimate for plugs like Champion or Tempest massive spark plugs.

If your mag timing is off or you don’t service plugs at regular intervals then signs of failing may occur much sooner than 350 hours.

It costs about $531 at an authorized service center to install a replacement set of spark plugs. In a shared ownership, you should consider a reasonable cost in the hourly rate for spark plug replacement.

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