Pre-Owned Bonanza Airplanes May 2021

In January 2021, a total of 85 preowned Bonanza airplanes were listed for sale. In May, the available supply was down to 58. A balanced supply to demand ratio of preowned listings is said to be 3% of the manufactured models that were shipped. The preowned listings for Bonanza models are below one percent (58 pre-owned listings / 18,000 mfg. = 0.0032).

Pre-Owned listings Bonanzas, May 2021

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Beechcraft Bonanza Commemorative Interior

“The 75th Anniversary Edition Beechcraft Bonanza blends modern technology with retro styling. Its custom interior and paint scheme were inspired by Olive Ann Beech’s signature blue color. Textron says, the retro scheme is a nod to Mrs. Beech’s strength, vision, pioneering leadership and her well documented style. The interior color combination reflects classic trends from the 1950’s when Mrs. Beech assumed leadership of the company. She adopted the color on advice of fashion designer Oleg Cassini. The color became her brand and could be found on everything from her dress suits and office furnishings to her automobile paint and personal aircraft interiors.”

“The commemorative Bonanza G36 stylishly incorporates the color on the exterior paint scheme and the interior’s window panels, carpet and accents. The seat upholstery lines and sidewall and table contours add a sporty, modern interest to the retro color palette. Other details include a “Bubble B” logo registered in 1954 on the carpet entry and her signature used as a metal piece above the cabin table and as an exterior graphic below the pilot window.”

Refer to last week’s post for illustrative pictures of the 75th anniversary edition exterior and interior.