What’s the net number of pre-owned Cirrus planes for sale?

This post is a follow-up from last week to answer the question: What’s the net available pre-owned Cirrus Aircraft for sale?  To find the number of used Cirrus planes many pilots go to popular websites, such as Controller or Trade-a-plane. On July 7, 2017, there were 195 Cirrus piston airplanes for sale on Controller.  But that doesn’t mean you’ll have that many planes to choose from because foreign and fractional sales would probably not be on your list.

Subtracting foreign and fractional sales from the Controller website leaves only 118 SR22 and 27 SR20 planes for sale.  The number drops further as you look within your budget for the year and model that you want to buy.

Summary Pre-owned Cirrus Aircraft

Summary 07/07/17
SR22 163
SR20 32
Total 195
Less: Foreign -43
Less: Fractional -7
Net Available 145
Cirrus SR22 07/07/17
SR22-G6 Turbo 2
SR22-G6 3
SR22-G5 Turbo 33
SR22-G5 14
SR22-G3 Turbo 47
SR22-G3 18
SR22-G2 Turbo 4
SR22-G2 28
SR22-G1 14
Total 163
Less: Foreign -38
Less: Fractional -7
Net Available 118
Cirrus SR20 07/07/17
SR20-G3 16
SR20-G2 8
SR20 8
Total 32
Less: Foreign -5
Less: Fractional 0
Net Available 27

Controller does not list Generation 1 (SR22-G1) airplanes.  Instead, they have two categories, one labeled “SR22 Turbo and the other SR22.” That list consistently mixes G1 airplanes and later model years together.  It’s kinda like Controller’s catch-all grouping. I found a dozen planes in the wrong category.  The SR22 table above has been corrected by moving a dozen planes into the correct category and showing the SR22-G1 “Generation one” count at 14 planes.

I’m writing these articles from the view of pilots new to Cirrus Aircraft.  That’s the situation I was in about four years ago.  I had owned a Piper Archer for 8 years and sold it to purchase a 2008 Cirrus Perspective.  We placed the Cirrus in a shared airplane partnership which has been a great value in lowering our cost, expanding shared training time and practical pilot discussions on flying.

In the coming weeks, I’ll post more information about the Cirrus pre-owned market and how it’s changed. Let me know if you’re looking to transition into a Cirrus and any questions that you might have.

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