Advanced Composite – Piston Single-Engine Market Share Mid-2014

Composite Technically Advanced Aircraft are advancing, which continues a multi-year trend, based on shipment statistics reported by the General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA.areo) for June 30, 2014.  Just five manufacturers, with advanced composite designs, took 68% of all piston single-engine shipments during the first six-months of 2014.

Q1 & Q2 2013 6 Months 2014
Total – Piston Single-Engine Shipments 900 465
Cirrus Aircraft (all SR’s) 276 31% 140 30%
Diamond Aircraft (DA20 & 40) 116 13% 103 22%
Cessna Corvalis 400 TTx 21 2% 5 1%
Flight Design ASTM 89 10% 44 9%
Carbon Cub 52 6% 25 5%
Total – Advanced Composites 554 62% 317 68%

Cirrus is the GA leader in composite technically advanced aircraft, and they ship 30% of all single-engine piston planes.  Among high performance (greater than 200hp) “4-seat” piston single-engine planes Cirrus has a commanding 74% market share.  And, Cirrus Aircraft is the leader in turbo piston single-engine sales (see related articles below).

Diamond Aircraft shipments jumped significantly, reaching 103 planes, during the first six-months of 2014, which almost matched their total shipment of 116 single-engine aircraft in 2013 (numbers exclude DA42 twin-engine shipments).

Cessna shut-down its advanced composite Skycatcher plane production, but work continues on the Cessna TTx advanced composite (formerly known as the Corvalis).  Recently, Cessna TTx received certification for flight into known icing with its TKS FIKI system.

Flight Design, with a spacious and comfortable cabin, continues to deliver and is on track to match shipments with last year.

Carbon Cub is redefining a classic with advanced composite materials and buyers are going for the new models.

Not shown, but coming to an airport, garage or lake close to you is the IconA5. Already, Icon Aircraft has 1,000 pre-orders lined-up for shipments of its new plane. Production certification is now underway for the IconA5 advanced composite single-engine, and  the first customer should receive their plane in the spring of 2015.

Advanced composite designs are helping to reinvigorate new sales of general aviation aircraft, and signs indicate the pre-owned market for advanced composite aircraft is benefiting as well.

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Note: issued a revised 2013 piston single-engine shipment report in 2014

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