Air-Conditioning, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

What does it cost to maintain air-conditioning on a Cirrus SR22? It’s a question I had when considering my first purchase of an airplane with air-conditioning. Here’s cost detail from our work orders at an authorized service center during the past two years.

Description Hours Rate Amount
Part: New A/C compressor drive assem. 250.00
Labor: Installed A/C compressor drive assem. 1.17 90.00 105.30
Labor: A/C refrigerant low 1.00 90.00 90.00
A/C Freon, R-134-A 5.52
Labor: A/C Wemac vent inop #3 seat 0.50 90.00 45.00
Labor: Environ kit, drive shaft, bracket & bearing 2.00 n/c
Express shipping (not covered by warranty) 108.00
Total $603.82

Air-conditioning components are a direct variable cost of flying that wear down with usage, just like mags, tires and brakes. In a shared ownership, you should allocate a reasonable cost in the hourly rate for air-conditioning maintenance.

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