Ignition harness, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

A typical normally aspirate piston engine plane running at sea level on take-off power may need 11,000 volts from the ignition harness to make a spark at the plug. That’s10 kv (10,000 volts) to break the spark plug gap and another 1 kv (1,000 volts) at the distributor gear (magnetos). Voltage in cruise is much less (~1,000 volts overall) Add-on engine heat and vibration which the ignition harness must also endure and some wear down with use is inevitable.

What’s the cost for an ignition harness replacement on a Cirrus SR22?

We had one ignition harness on our Cirrus SR22-G3 overhauled because we were getting some interference in our avionics. Here’s cost detail from our work order at an authorized service center.

Ignition Harness Replacement Cost Summary

Part – Ignition harness 544
Labor 135
Shipping 46
Total $725

Ignition harnesses wear down with usage and are an indirect variable cost of flying. The harness may deliver service through TBO or could show signs of failing before then.  In a Cirrus shared ownership, you should consider a reasonable cost in the hourly rate for ignition harness replacement.

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