Alternator 1, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

We had alternator “number one” on our Cirrus SR22-G3 replaced as a part of our purchase inspection. Here’s cost detail from our Work Order at an authorized service center.

What’s the cost for Alternator #1 replacement on a Cirrus SR22?

Our service center recommended installing the Plane Power alternator because of increased reliability and the product carries a two year manufacture warranty.

Summary Alternator 1 Replacement Cost

Labor 3 hours $85 per hour 255
Parts: Plane Power 1,499
Total $1,754

We installed a new Plane-Power 28 volt gear driven alternator.

Alternator #1 is a direct cost of flying that wears like mags, tires and brakes. In a shared ownership, you should allocate a reasonable cost in the hourly rate for alternator replacement.

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