Brakes, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

We had brake linings on our Cirrus SR22-G3 replaced during the last Annual. Here’s cost detail from our Work Order at an authorized service center.

What’s the cost for brake maintenance on a Cirrus SR22-G3?

Description Hours Amount
Labor 1.01 91
Parts – Brake Linings 249
Total $340

In a shared ownership, the Hobbs hourly rate should include an amount toward routine brake wear. Brake wear is a direct operating cost; which should be matched with “hourly usage.” You can adjust the Hobbs rate component based on real cost experience within your shared ownership.

For example, ($340 / 500 hours = 0.68 cents per hobbs hour). We had a lot of practice landings during our first year of Cirrus ownership and transition training.

Now, all our Members taxi with the rudder, land softly, and go easy on the brakes 😉

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