Tires, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

We installed new main landing gear tires at our last annual. Here’s the detail on what it cost:

What’s the cost for tire replacement on a Cirrus SR22?

We replaced both main landing gear tires with Michelin brand.

Labor $90 per hour 1.98 hours 178
Parts – Michelin tubes & tires $233 each 467
Disposal Fee $5 each 10
Total $655

Mike Bush, Savvy Aviator and COPA websites discuss the cost saving advantage of using Desser Tires. And, according to Aviation Consumer – Desser tires (new or retread) are a “best buy.” Ask for the curved valve stem, which will make future tire inflation easier.

Changing brands would have saved us about $100 on parts, and based on the information I’ve read, provided a longer tire life.

Tires are a variable cost associated with operating the airplane. You’ll want to include an appropriate allowance for tires in your hourly rate.

Land softly and go easy on the brakes.

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