Battery 1, Cost of Ownership Cirrus SR22

We had the main battery (batt 1) on our Cirrus SR22-G3 replaced. Here’s cost detail from our work order at an authorized service center.

What’s the cost for main battery replacement on a Cirrus SR22?

Our main battery was about 44 months old, and was losing fluid. The service center recommended replacement with a sealed battery. They installed a Concord sealed battery.

Description Hours Labor Amount
Parts – Concord battery 686.00
Batt – disposal fee     5.00
Labor 0.65 $90.00   58.50
Tax   56.63
Total $807.00

Cirrus is dependent on a reliable electrical system for safety of flight, and multiple redundancies are built in. The main battery is located against the firewall of the engine compartment. Battery two (Batt 2) is located in the tail of the airplane.

Battery maintenance is a fixed cost of airplane ownership. Batteries are a chronologically life limited item, and depreciate whether you fly or not.  In a shared ownership, fixed costs should be divided equally among members.

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