Cirrus G6 Situational Awareness

“Tactical advantage. Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) seamlessly blends aircraft position with 3D topographic images while enhanced Terrain Awareness and Warning System (eTAWS) provides caution and warning alerts both visually and audibly. In addition to these capabilities, the “forward looking” terrain avoidance software warns the pilot of numerous hazards including premature and excessive rates of decent, negative climb rate or altitude loss after takeoff. Highway in the Sky (HITS) offers the pilot the additional peace of mind that the aircraft is on the desired flight path – whether enroute, on approach or on the missed approach. The Vertical Situational Display (VSD) provides an intuitive presentation of the terrain, winds, flight plan waypoints and decent path along your route of flight.”

Reference: Cirrus Aircraft Corporation, The Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin, marketing brochure, p.27, 2017.

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