Cirrus SR22-G1 Airplane, That was then, This is now

A past article in Aviation stated  “. . . for buyers who can’t afford the price of a brand-new Cirrus [there’s]

Cirrus Aircraft SR22-G1 in Puerto Plata,  Photo credit Persio Perez, Dominican Plane Spotters
Cirrus Aircraft SR22-G1 in Puerto Plata, 
Photo credit Persio Perez, Dominican Plane Spotters

a healthy supply of used ones for sale. For as little as $100,000 you might score a first generation G1 SR22.”

“That was then, and This is now.” Recently, we found only five SR22-G1 planes for sale in The States and the average price was $200,000.

Many years ago, Tim Gieseler, a Cirrus SR22-G1 owner and COPA member, wrote a popular article titled “Cirrus SR20/SR22 Model History 1999-2007.” In the piece he lists market prices for the SR22-G1 airplanes. Current prices in 2017 closely match his numbers from ten years ago, which indicates these planes are holding their value. Not bad. I’ve summarized Tim’s 2007 market prices in the table below.

2007 Market Asking Prices for SR22-G1s – Reference 2
Generation One Segment Serial #s Price Range
SR22-G1 1 002-141  $190,000  $220,000
SR22-G1 2 142-434  $210,000  $240,000
SR22-G1 3 435-819  $240,000  $280,000

Here are Tim’s market notes: (Segment 1 no comments). For Segment 2 SR22-G1s he said, “These are great airplanes and there are plenty on the market to choose from. You should be able to find a fully equipped one (but without TKS) in the range of $210,000 to $240,000.” And, on Segment 3 he said, “If you want glass on a budget, this is the one to shop for. Loaded, including TKS, should run $240,000 to $280,000.”

In September 2014, we reviewed the pre-owned market for SR22-G1 airplanes. Here’s a summary of market prices and the number of planes available at that time.

2014 Market Asking Prices for SR22-G1s – Reference 3
Generation one Year Count Price Range
SR22-G1 2001 0 none  none
SR22-G1 2002 8  $140,000  $175,000
SR22-G1 2003 5  $149,000  $179,000

That was then, pre-owned prices for SR22-G1s are higher today. If you want to read the 2014 article click here: How much does a Cirrus SR22 Pre-G2 cost? 

The original base price for a 2003 SR22-G1 well-equipped with Avidyne PFD & MFD was $313,900. Factory options included upgrades to the S-Tec autopilot, a Garmin GNS 430 instead of the standard GNS 420, L3 Stormscope, SkyWatch Traffic, Avidyne EMax engine and fuel monitoring system, and the TKS inadvertent Ice protection.

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