How much does a Cirrus SR22-G1 airplane cost?

If you know the number of planes that shipped and the current market availability you’ll be a more informed buyer and seller. From 2001-2004, Cirrus shipped 818 SR22-G1 planes. But only five SR22-G1 pre-owned planes were listed on Controller for sale in the United States in the fall of 2017. That’s less than one percent of Generation One airplanes. A very low inventory of pre-owned planes for sale.

The five SR22-G1s had a price range from $160,000 to $259,000. Most of these planes had avionics upgrades and appeared to be well cared for by their owners. Here are the pricing details:

Fall 2017 Pre-owned Cirrus SR22-G1s listed on Controller
Type Year Serial Tail TTAF Price
SR22-G1 2001  83 N3000D  2,575  187,400
SR22-G1 2001  101 N101CD  1,412  160,000
SR22-G1 2003  582 N999DX  2,790  259,000
SR22-G1* 2003  677 N8140V  2,300  245,000
SR22-G1 2003  720 N788WF  1,320  184,900

I have archived copies of the Controller listings, click here for the details on each plane:





*Note: Cirrus Centennial Limited Edition SR22-G1 Generation One, Serial #0677, see previous article “How much does Cirrus Centennial Edition airplane cost” for Controller listing details.

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